Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eight Months!

Can someone please explain to my baby that she's not allowed to grow up so fast! This behavior really is unacceptable. I swear yesterday she was just barely born, and now she's 8 months old!!! How did this happen?!? (I periodically think the same thing about my waistline). ;o)

Well, some milestones this month were as follows:
She began lifting herself on all fours (although very briefly) on the 30th of December.

By January 12th she was rocking back and forth on all fours.

She has become VERY good at scooting backward while on her stomach, but the poor thing can't figure out how to go forward. (Something that frustrates her to no end when there's a toy in front of her just out of reach). Don't worry baby. Patience. It will come. :o)

And, possibly the biggest news of this month (drum roll please)...her two bottom teeth broke through. (look closely in this picture, you can see them).
And these pictures are just some pictures I took today that I really like:
In these ones, I ABSOLUTELY love her eyes.Look at those baby blues! How can you not fall in love with this little girl!And in this one I love the nonchalant stick-out-your-tongue-while-you-play-with-a-rattle attitude. (wow, that was a lot of hyphens).And this is about as good as the Minnie pictures are going to get from now on I think. Minnie's getting too interesting... And tasty.
I love you Hannah! You are such a joy to me!


Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Oh my goodness...she is getting so big and SO ADORABLE!! I love her! I'm excited to see you guys in a couple weeks. It seems like it has been a long time since we've all been together! (oh...and I love her outfit, is that what my mom got her for Christmas??)

j@nAe said...

Those eyes really are captivating. And the teeth! So cute! You guys have such great pictures of your kids. I really need to take photography lessons. :)

Jenna and Daniel said...

Hannah is such a sweetie. I will miss seeing your little family every week. Please keep posting these pictures so I can see you all!

Bart's Rebecca said...

Yeah, Rebecca, it is the outfit she got Hannah. I absolutely love it! And she's almost grown out of it! She is growing so fast I can't believe it! I'm excited to see you guys too! It has been too long...even if it was just over Thanksgiving. :o)

Polly said...

Fun update and darling pictures.