Wednesday, February 03, 2010

She's Eating!

Bart and I love to cook. And we love to try new recipes. We have never really adapted our menus to specifically include kid friendly food. And we don't really want to.

So whenever we eat, we make Addison at least taste what we're having. We tell her that if she doesn't like it, we'll get her something else, but she has to at least taste it. This has really been a struggle at times. Sometimes she really doesn't want to taste it. Sometimes she'll take a bite and then refuse to swallow until we give in and let her spit it out. We have done our best to not make it a bad experience, but it really can be frustrating at times. And sometimes it is a pain to warm up a hot dog, or chicken nuggets, or macaroni and cheese.

However, I think all our patience has finally paid off. We have not had to get Addison anything else to eat in over a week. She has eaten everything we've eaten. These are some of the things we've had:

Pork Chops Primavera
Southwestern Pinto Bean and Pork Stew
Sweet Potato and black bean burritos
Sloppy Joes
Sweet Corn Tamales and pulled pork salad

LOL, now that I write that out,we've had a lot of pork. But seriously, she's eaten it all! I'll admit, we had to do a lot of encouraging on the sweet potato and black bean burritos, but she ate them. And we've had a couple nights of leftovers and she's eaten them again! It's been AWESOME! My little girl is eating like an adult. It's great.

Hannah's dietary preference is also expanding. She now likes peas, pumpkin, butternut squash, rice cereal, and bananas. Okay, so the peas are debatable. She liked them when I first gave them to her, but since then we have not had a lot of success. I think it's the texture. We haven't bought any baby food (except the rice cereal). I've made them all, and when I did the peas I didn't blend it as well as the others, so there are some chunks in it. And since we've given her other things, she no longer will eat rice cereal unless it's mixed with something else, but we get it down her.

I plan on adding sweet potatoes and carrots to that repertoire with in the next few weeks. After that, maybe chicken cordon bleu. ;o)


j@nAe said...

We don't cook kid friendly either. I thought about it for a bit when Sease was little, but then it dawned on me that a lot of the foods that I think aren't kid-friendly (curry, stir-fry, etc.) are eaten by kids all over the world. Kids in India surely eat curry, right? I always try to do two sides that the kids like (maybe corn and french bread), so if the kids don't like the main course, they can just eat the sides for dinner. We sometimes have to fight to get them to try the food, too, but you're so right - it's worth it. (And different kids react differently, too. Elijah will eat almost anything, but Seara is more picky.)

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Way to go Addison! Knock on wood, but Mckenna has done fairly well eating pretty much everything we eat. She surprises me with what she does eat. I just hope that it isn't a phase and that she regresses and stops eating....guess we shall see! (oh and wow...that menu might not even go over with Chris in my house! Way too fancy sounding!! =) good for Addison for eating it!)

Polly said...

Did you make your own sweet corn tamales?

Bart's Rebecca said...

I did, I used my grandma Teresa's recipe and it was delicious!