Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mudslides Destroy Homes In La Canada Flintridge

So remember how there were fires burning the hills behind my parents' house last August. Well, those fires destroyed all the vegetation that was holding the hillside in place. They've been getting tons of rain, so now they're getting terrible mudslides.

One of the members of their stake presidency called them this morning to make sure everyone in their ward was okay. And then later my parents saw his house on the news! Mud had come in one side and out the other early this morning. He must have been calling from a remote location.

So far my parents' house is okay, but the streets are literally rivers. My mom was taking my sister to take the ACT and they had to cross Oceanview to get her friend that they were giving a ride to. Most of the pictures of cars crashed or on top of other cars are from Oceanview. As they got to the college where they were taking it, there was an 18 inch river in front of the school. My mom thought, "I can't let them walk through this, they'll be swept away." So she had to drive through it! Prayers for everyone back in my hometown would be appreciated. You can see some pictures here. Stupid arsonists.

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cee + kell said...

Rebecca, I'm so sorry. We've been watching the news coverage and it looks pretty miserable. Sending our best thoughts to you & your family.