Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Bart's family came up for a Valentine's weekend full of celebrations. We had baby showers for my two beautiful sister-in-laws (or is it sisters-in-law) who are both due in April.
And to celebrate this little guy's first birthday:
Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes?!?

A good time was had by all :o) And in case you were wondering, my daughter's hair really is uncontrollable. If there is anyone who believes they have the secret knowledge to taming this mess, please, I am VERY open to ANY advice or suggestions!
For Valentine's day itself, I made these bookmarks for immediate family. (Sam, Holly, Charles, Heather, and Geneava....I forgot to bring them up to the party, so I'll either mail them, or bring them to Moab for the race...sorry!) If you are a sibling and didn't get one (other than the aforementioned siblings) let me know because I mailed them to you!

I made presents for the girls this year. For Hannah I made this cute little hat. She wore it to the grocery store the other day and three people stopped me to tell me how cute my baby was, and two commented on the hat! I must confess, I'm pretty proud of it. I didn't even use a pattern, but I got the idea here.

For Addison, I made these slippers. My mom gave her slippers for Christmas 2008 that she absolutely loves. They were hidden in her closet for a while, and when she pulled them out in January, and tried to put them on, she said, "Mom! Something's wrong." They were too small! My determined girl still managed to slip her feet inside them, but I figured I had better get her an alternative. This was the solution.
Bart had been giving me a hard time for a while because I couldn't remember what I did with his journal when I was unpacking from California, so I got him a new journal. Ironically I found the old journal before Valentine's day, but after I had purchased the new one. Oh well, he was happy I found it.

I also made him this delicious dinner...which we actually had on Monday instead of Sunday because I didn't have enough for everyone who was staying with us Sunday.

Beef Tenderloin
Cranberry, Poppy Seed Salad
(And mashed potatoes that I forgot to get a picture of)

And molten chocolate cake.
(Bart and I were most excited for this was a recipe I had never tried before. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. It was good, just not quite what we were expecting...oh well.)

And this is one of the 100 beautiful blooms in a bouquet Bart got me. I love them!

It was a lovely Valentine's Day.

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Loni said...

I love, love, love the little hat! And the slippers are darling. I also would have loved to come over and help you eat that dinner, it looks sooo good!