Thursday, January 14, 2010

7 months

Now that she's almost 8 months I should probably post Hannah's 7 month photos. (Admittedly, the Minnie picture was only taken last week, so she was more like 7.5 months than 7 months, but we were in California without Minnie when she turned 7 months, and I forgot when we got home..until last week).
Hannah Happenings at 7 months:
-Forgot how to take a bottle (and fortunately re-learned how to before our 10 hour road trip to California)
-Began talking to herself before and after she takes naps (Addison also did this)
-Had her first solids
-Had formula for the first time
-Began pinching things with her thumb and forefinger
-Is able to sit alone for short periods of time
-Said her first word (Dada. She said it on 12/21, the day BEFORE Bart came back to Cali. He hadn't even been there for the week before and she said his name first. Moms never get a break.) ;o)

The Minnie pictures are getting a bit trickier. She's now aware of Minnie, so I can't get a picture of her looking at the camera. Oh well. You can still see how she's grown.
Also, the reason she's on a towel is because she was puking for a week. Not this past Monday, but the Monday before, as I went to Hannah's well baby visit I thought, "It's so nice to have Everyone in our family Healthy finally."

That night, Hannah started throwing up. Wednesday night Addison and I started throwing up, and Monday Bart felt sick. I will never think anything like that again. I jinxed myself.

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j@nAe said...

Those are the cutest pictures EVER! I love that top smiley one, what a precious little girl!