Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas PJs

Another tradition of ours is getting presents from "Eve" that we open on Christmas Eve. They always just happen to be pajamas that we can wear all the next day. Here are my sisters and I donning our nighttime apparel.
Amy is noticeably absent. Did I mention I miss her!?!?!

And here's my brother in his lovely PJs serenading us with a little ditty. I bet you didn't know he was an accomplished pianist. So accomplished in fact that he can make the keys move, even when he's not touching them. I know, impressive.
I think the highlight of the evening this year was when my mom opened the packaging of Addison and Hannah's pajamas. As she pulled them out she gasped and then started laughing. They were little boy's pajamas! Te he he. Oh well, they were cute, even if they won't be using the little pocket in the front any time soon. :o)


Jones said...

lol, your Mom is funny! I think it's great that they ended up with boy jammies....great story anyway!! lol

j@nAe said...

Boy pjs could always come in handy in the future! :)