Monday, January 04, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

The evening we got to my parents house in California, they had their ward Christmas party. Amy's farewell was the next day so a lot of my family was there. We were able to get this 4 generation picture with Hannah, me, my mom, and her dad.
Addison got to see Santa again this year (although no sitting on Santa's lap...too high of a risk for lawsuits...lame). She asked him for the exact same thing she asked him for last year when she saw him: a candy cane. He happily obliged.


j@nAe said...

I miss the Zeke pictures. :( He was the best Santa EVER. But Addison is cute all the same.

ps. your blog is acting weird. I tried several computer but have the same problem every time: the background stays brown so you can't see any text. I have to highlight it to read it. And there is a floating "Photobucket account has been inactive for 30 days" message in the background. Just FYI. :)

pps. What do you guys think of taking the kids bowling? Wanna do it with us? With kiddie stuff of course. At BYU. Let me know.

j@nAe said...

make that 90 days

Polly said...

That 4 generation picture is AWESOME. You'll be so glad you have that.
Where is Santa's lap forbidden? I hadn't heard that. :(
Was that out in the public or a church rule?
Cute pictures, thanks.

Anonymous said...
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shay said...

That is a great pic to have--it was great seeing you & your darling little girls at Amy's farewell. Thank you for the words of encouragement with our little situation:) hugs...