Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day

And finally Christmas day.

My mom's Christmas tree was amazing...although I couldn't, for the life of me, find all those ornaments I made in elementary school. Maybe they were just hiding on the inside of the tree... ;o)
Our family in their Christmas pajamas. Addison changed pajamas because we had breakfast before we opened presents, and, well, it ended up all over her.Yes, her pile of presents is taller than she is. There are some advantages to being the first (and only one of 2) grand kids.My sister's present to Addison was AWESOME!!! She got a doll for her and then made clothes for my sister and her doll that match!!! Addison started putting on the clothes and didn't want to open the rest of her presents. She also got two other baby dolls. She calls them her babies, and this one the sister. She LOVES them!
I made a book of all of the General Conference talks of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (his favorite apostle) from the time we were dating until now. I put it into a book with pictures of family members, meaningful places and pictures, etc. to illustrate it. He really liked it. That made me happy. :o)
I also made a scrapbook for my mom. She also liked it, which also made me happy. :o)
Stacy got a Snuggie.
The best thing about her getting this was seeing BOTH my brother AND Bart wearing it (is that what you do with it..wear it?) over the next few days. And yesterday, Bart actually said, "I'm cold, we need to get a Snuggie." Wow, that was really on my short list of things I never imagined I would hear my husband say... and be serious about. True, he was sick and had a fever, but still!

Eric got this Nerf gun, and Addison LOVED it. This was a regular site all of Christmas morning.
You'd be sitting somewhere talking to someone, and turn around to be face to face with this little girl in a fancy faux fur lined coat with a mischievous smile half hidden behind the Nerf gun that was aimed straight at you. At first it was just really funny/cute, but by the end of the day I think all of us were ready to strangle Stacy for getting Eric that gun. Still, good memories. It was a wonderful day.

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Lori said...

It was a fun Christmas even if I boo booed on the girls Christmas pj's now are you glad they where not little boys that I got girl PJ's for!!! PS the family ornaments were going to go on another tree in the family room that I never got around doing!