Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spilled Salt

So while my parents were here a few weeks ago they got us some yummy grapefruits. Ever since then I've been taking one every day to work to eat (it's hard for a pregnant woman to go nearly 5 hours without eating!!!).

I like my grapefruits with salt on them. Sounds weird, I know, but don't knock it before you try it. It takes away the bitter edge and enhances the flavor. :o)

Anyway, I have been taking our salt shaker and a little knife to cut up my grapefruit to work every day. I am always very careful about turning the little top to closed so that I don't get a purse full of salt.

Well, either I wasn't so careful yesterday, or the little spinner top got turned in my purse because when I grabbed the salt today it was considerably lighter than yesterday. Are you still supposed to throw some salt over your shoulder if the spilled salt never touches the ground? And are you supposed to throw it over your right or left shoulder? Normally I am not a superstitious person...but it was a lot of salt.


The Little Fishers said...

I don't think salt on grapefruit is weird. I love eating grapefruit with salt sprinkled on top. Sorry I don't have any advice about the spilled salt dilemma, good luck!

janae said...

I think you throw it with your right hand over your left shoulder, but don't take my work on it. :) What a mess to clean up - that stinks! You'll probably be finding salt for months, if not years!

Dave and Loni said...

Ok, so I already forgot the name of the cute alphabet movie you told me about. Will you leave me a comment on my blog so I can go and get it. Thanks!