Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sick Sick Sick.

Well, I must say, this week has been pretty horrible. Addison and I both have been sick with a miserable cold!

You know how sometimes when you've been sick...especially if it's just a cold...if you just get up and do something outside of the house, you feel a little better. I had been working from home, and feeling worse each day, so I started to think it was just because I was couped up in the house all day and not really doing anything but working and feeling sorry for myself.

So Thursday, Addison seemed to be considerably better. She has been asking me to go to day care all week, so despite my feeling worse on Friday, I dropped her off at day care and headed off to work. I was sure I'd feel better once I was out of the house not thinking about being sick. Boy was I wrong! I felt worse than ever! What a miserable day.

I've been really trying to take it easy the past two days and feel better at times, but if I'm up and walking around at all I start to feel HORRIBLE! I swear my stomach is like constantly full of flem I'm coughing so much! I never really feel hungry even though I haven't eaten, and when I do eat I can only eat a tiny bit before feeling so full I feel like I'm going to throw up...which has happened a few times...I think more because I'm gaging on my coughs than because of the actual sickness...but it still stinks!!!

And to make things worse, I'm losing weight!!! (Te he he, under any other circumstances I might be happy with that, but not while I'm pregnant!!!) I had lost like 10 pounds while I was morning sick and had finally gained that back and even gained a pound and a half more before I got this cold. Now I'm back down to two pounds below my weight when I got pregnant! And I'm almost 5 months along! My belly is definitely bigger and nothing else seems smaller so I really don't know where that extra weight has come off. Oh well, I'm sure I'll make it up in the next four months. I hate being sick.

Addison hates it too. She is considerably better, but her nose was still running a bit, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to take her to nursery. I finally decided to just take her home after sacrament meeting, but she wouldn't have it. She threw a fit when we tried to get her to put her coat on and go home. She kept saying she wanted to go to Nursery. So I finally gave in and told the Nursery leaders to come and get me if her nose seemed bad and I would take her home.

At least she loves nursery. I can't believe that a year from now she's going to be a Sunbeam! SOOOOOOOOOOO crazy!!!

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