Friday, January 16, 2009

Other Christmas Antics

So here are some other fun things we did over the Christmas Break.

Sledding: I didn't get any pictures of the actual sledding, so family, if any of you have pictures of Addison, Bart or I sledding, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, email them, I want to scrapbook them.
And this is just a random picture of my daughter's crazy hair. I must document these things in case people don't believe me.
Bart's Uncle is the head Ranger over dead horse point, but he's retiring this year, so we all headed up there to visit one last time before he retires. it was beautiful!

Grandma with her two grand babies. Next year at this time there will be two more to add to this picture!

All the Girls...well, except one. The week after we left Moab, Bart's Brother Sam got engaged to Holly. We LOVE her so much and are SOOOOO excited to have her as a sister in law! She's going to be an AWESOME addition to the family! Congratulations guys!!!And finally Our little family. It was a great Christmas.

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