Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, so I finally am going to try to catch up the blog. I got Christmas eve in, but I didn't get to Christmas day. So here goes.
Christmas day was wonderful. I just love being with family. We all got wonderful presents, but I'm not going to list the boring details for you. Instead, here are some cute pictures:
Addison loved getting a back massage from uncle Charles.This is the one present I will mention. Grandma got Addison and McKenna Baby Dolls. Addison's was a little baby with a baby carrier, and McKenna's was a toddler with a stroller. I was really excited for this present because I really wanted to get her a baby before the baby comes. When I'm holding the baby, I want Addison to be able to hold her baby, and when I'm feeding the baby, I want Addison to be able to feed her baby, etc. Hopefully this will avoid any jealousy issues. :o) For a second, when they first brought out both babies, we though we might have a problem because Addison went straight for the toddler, and McKenna went straight for the baby. But when we showed them which was theirs they loved you can tell by this picture.
I think McKenna loved the stroller even more than the toddler. :o) It's a good thing she's still so small. Okay, this picture isn't the best, but I just love the story that goes with it. So every year, Zeke would make the Christmas roast. This year, the three oldest took it upon themselves to make sure the Christmas roast tradition lived on...and let me tell you, it was quite the undertaking. After extensive searching by Sam and Charles, Sam found a great deal (something very important in keeping the tradition alive) on roast at Macey's. It was like 13 pounds...and that was just one of them!!! Bart went on the internet and searched for hours for the perfect roast recipe. He finally found it. But, the recipe was for a roast about half the size. However, after much analysis, they worried that if they doubled the recipe, it would be too salty or something like that...I can't remember exactly what, but, in the end, they didn't double the recipe at all...except for the pepper. This was probably not the best move. The roast was wonderful anyway...even if the crust was a bit peppery. :o) We love you boys! One of my favorite memories will always be you three gathered around the roast debating so earnestly what to do.


Dave and Loni said...

Good idea, with the baby doll. I think that will help with jealousy issues. And I love that the men cooked the roast! If that happened at my house, I might just die from over excitement! Dave does no cooking (eggs don't count). I'm glad you had a good Christmas!

janae said...

Seara got that same carrier, diaper bag, and stroller for Christmas last year (with a toddler doll) and she LOVES it!! It was especially a big hit after Enoch was born and she saw me carry around the car seat with him all the time. :)