Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting Santa

At this year's ward Christmas party, Addison met Santa for the first time. We knew he would be there, but weren't sure how Addison would react because we hadn't told her much about him.
Well, as soon as she saw him come into the room Addison's eyes just lit up. She pointed and started yelling, "Santa! Santa! Santa!" Thank you once again Robyn and Nyla for teaching my daughter all the things I miss. :o)

We stood semi-patiently in line, and while we were doing so, Addison noticed Santa was giving everyone that sat on his lap a candy cane. She gladly hopped on his lap and, when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she was ready, and exclaimed,"A Treat!" Santa was happy to oblige.

Thanks to the Wilsons for taking the picture and sending us a copy! We are glad we have a picture of Addison's first Santa experience.


janae said...

Nothing against that Santa, but to me Zeke will always be the perfect Santa figure! :)

Bart's Rebecca said...

True that! There will never be a santa quite like pop pop