Sunday, August 03, 2008

Home Life

Okay, I am going to take a break from my Africa story so that I can give a brief update of what is going on in our post-Africa lives. :o)

First of all, our Garden is doing wonderfully. Not producing as much as I'd like right now thanks to the cold June weather, but we're still getting beans, broccoli, squash, and we've gotten a few tomatoes and peppers. We will have egg plant, cucumbers, and more peppers and tomatoes soon, so I'm excited.

Our lilies have been opening up too! They are beautiful. Bart cut a bunch of them for me and put them in a vase on our front table.

I can't believe how much Addison grew just in the time we were gone! She is putting sentences together now. Before we left, the longest sentence she had said was, "Come on dada." (And I'm pretty sure she thinks "come on" is one word. Now she says three or more word sentences all the time!

My mom said she was wonderful while we were in Africa. She was sure at some point she'd have a "mommy meltdown." But she never did. However, when we were in the airport to come back home to Utah, Addison saw my mom get in the car and drive away and had a "grandma meltdown." Te he he. Addison sure loves her grandma.

She has become a lot more clingy to me. She wants me more often, and she cries when I leave which she never did before. I'm not sure if that's because we were away from her for so long, or just because she's at that clingy age.

Addison has also been going through a stuffed animal phase. She LOVES her stuffed animals. At night I'll put her to bed and ask her what animal she wants to sleep with her. She'll say, "Bunny," and I'll get her the bunny and start to leave and she'll say, "Mickey" so I'll get her her minny mouse, and start to leave then she'll say, "leopard" and so on until all of her stuffed animals are in her bed with her.

Bart goes for walks with Addison every morning. One morning Addison decided she wanted to take all her stuffed Animals with her. That was a fun walk...even though she doesn't look too happy in this picture.For Pioneer day we went miniature golfing with Tabitha, Jonathan and Benjamin. We had a blast. I think I got a hole in one every time because I would hit the ball, then Addison or Benjamin would pick it up and put it in the hole for me...te he he.Last Sunday a storm came in, so Bart, Addison, and I threw out a blanket on the lawn, laid down and watched the storm roll in. It was beautiful! I have never watched a storm come in before. I loved it!On Friday my aunt, uncle, and their kids were in town, so we got to hang out with them for a little bit. They are so much fun. We had a blast! It was the first time I had seen their little girl Mariah. She is SUCH a cutie pie! We were glad we were able to see them while they were here.
Bart's family is with us right now. They are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. It's been fun having them here. Overall, it's been a great few weeks.

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