Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Budding Artist

So Addison has taken to drawing like a fish takes to water (pardon the cheesy cliche). In church on Sunday we brought crayons and let her color on the back of the fliers. When it was time for her to go to nursery, she refused to let go of one of the crayons and kept demanding, "Paper!" (Which sounds a lot like papa).
I let her hold the crayon and thought once she got into nursery and saw all the toys she'd forget about drawing. Nope. She just kept yelling, "Paper! Paper!" And then started crying. I finally caved in and asked one of the nursery leaders if it was okay if she colored for a while. She said it was fine, so I left her with a piece of paper, crayon in hand. She was one happy camper.

I have taken pictures of some of her art works to show the world our budding young artist. (I should have scanned them, but I was in a hurry. I'll have to do that later).For all of you who are aware of the developmental stages of children, she has even started labeling her pictures. Whenever you ask her, "Addison what's that?" She will invariably tell you, "A Nose." I can see it....
She also thinks that since she likes drawing, everyone else must like drawing too, so she will give you a crayon and demand that you draw. When you ask her what you should draw, she says, "A nose."
This one was a collaborative work between Bart & Addison.
I think this one is my favorite so far.
And this one is definitely my least favorite.
Yep, Bart called me at work today to inform me that Addison drew on our window seal. When I got home and saw how much she had drawn, I wondered what Bart was doing while Addison was drawing. Which reminds me, we put up molding and new shades in our windows. And by we I mean Bart & my mom. Didn't they do a great job! (This picture really doesn't do it justice. It looks great!)
So, do any of you veteran moms have advice for me on how to remove crayon from window seals?


The Vach Family said...

Oh man! We had a similar experience with one of our doors and a purple crayon! Luckily I found the "magic eraser." It really is magic! That worked for us, so maybe it'll clear yours too! Good luck!

Jonathan and Tabitha said...

I was just going to suggest the Mr Clean magic eraser. I swear it works on everything!

And your windows look great!

Amy Collyer said...

I think Bart did it on purpose. Probably helped her out. :)

the Ricks said...

I know comet works too. If this becomes a recurring problem, you can always get washable crayons (crayola makes em). They come off with water!