Monday, August 11, 2008

The Follies of Big Birds

I was looking through my pictures and I realized there was a few more things from the Masi Mara that I wanted to share.

First of all, Ostriches make bad parents. This is a group of young ostrich siblings. (One hen can lay over 4 dozen eggs at a time). Our driver informed us that normally the parents are with the young ostriches, but if they sense danger, they'll just run off leaving their kids to fend for themselves. Fortunately we didn't see any predator attacking them, but I felt bad for them anyway.
Here are the irresponsible, cold hearted parents.
And we got pretty close to some vultures...nasty.

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The Jones Family said...

ok, so I think your pictures should be in national geographic!! I have LOVED reading all about your trip!!

I got to hang out at your Mom's house a few times while visiting Cali...GORGEOUS home! And I just really enjoyed your parents' company...even though your Dad smoked me in card games!!

can't wait till WE can get together again! maybe your next vacation should be florida!! hee hee

oh and one of my favorite pictures by far is the one of the Zebras where poo is coming out.... so great!