Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Heart My Palm Centro

So I'm not a big fan of buying new things. Whenever Bart tries to convince me to buy some new clothes or a purse or shoes or something, it's seriously like pulling teeth..with the exception of maybe scrapbook stuff or fabric. But, I am SO GLAD he talked me into getting a new cell phone. We wanted a planner function, and thanks to the discount he gets because he's a government employee, we could get this $170 phone for $50 each.

I use my planner ALL the time, so I was worried I wouldn't like the one on the phone. I was wrong. I LOVE it!!! I can set an alarm for everything that I have to remember. I can use the repeat function so that I don't have to enter the same things in over and over. And it has a task list and will show me my schedule and task list on the same screen. Now it's true that outlook can do all these things, but in order to get your alerts in outlook, you have to be on your computer. Now I just have to have my phone near by! AND it's like 1/12 the size of my old planner. I LOVE it!!!

And, the crowning glory of this phone, we purchased pocket quicken for it so that I can enter purchases into quicken as I'm making them and those purchases will automatically be uploaded to quicken when I sync my phone. I just tried it out on a purchase for some face wash I made this morning. It was seriously the highlight of my week. (For those of you that find no appeal whatsoever in this please remember, I am an accountant). I LOVE my new phone!!!

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Amy Collyer said...

That phone is pretty killer!