Sunday, August 24, 2008

Class of 1998

So this weekend was Bart's 10 year high school reunion. Yep, that's right! 10 YEARS! He's old. ;o)
They had a lunch and a dinner.
The lunch was nice because everyone got to bring their families. They had a bounce house for all the kids, which Addison loved. The look on her face in these pictures really does not do her emotions justice. She ALWAYS wanted to be in this thing. It didn't matter that bigger kids were running into her or that once it wasn't in the shade any more it was blasted hot, every time I talked her into getting out and trying to eat some lunch, she was wanting to go back after one or two bites.That is, until one of the girls figured out how to turn the water spigot by the drinking fountain on. Then she forgot all about the bounce house.
The dinner was nice because it was only for couples, so we were able to visit without having to worry about kids. Bart loved seeing old friends, even though some of his closest friends weren't there. I even had a good time visiting and making new friends.

There were two couples there that live in Spanish Fork that we've never even gotten together with. Hopefully that will change soon. :o)


Ashley said...

hey that is awesome. I just had my 5 year reunion a few weeks ago!! I'm getting old :) but it was fun to see how and what classmates are doing.
My mom and I were looking at your picture slide the other day, and we couldn't help but to laugh when we saw the one of you and him at your wedding with the glasses. It was a good laugh. But of course not making fun!!! ;) and then we watched the video of Addison dancing.. like crazy.. being all crazy and then it shows Amy and Bart dancing in the background. That is so funny!! OK i'm kinda bad right now, but i forgot when Addy's b-day is.. I do know it's in September but what day I can't remember!!I'm sorry!

the Ricks said...

Can you believe we're already hitting our 10 year hs reunions?? I really am feeling soooo old!

Spacey Stacy said...

Hey Bart and Becca it was great to see you at the reunion, and just wanted to tell you how cute your little family is.

The Jones Family said...

you can't call Bart old, cause that would mean, I AM OLD!! lol. this year was my 10yr reunion too...however a reunion was never sad....not really... for me anyway...