Friday, August 08, 2008

The Elephant Mud Bath

Our first day in Tanzania we went to Lake Manyara. The coolest thing we saw there was an elephant mud bath. The poor elephant was in so deep we thought he was stuck. He really looked like he was struggling for a while, but then he got up and walked away. It was pretty impressive.This was also the first place we saw the blue monkey.


the Ricks said...

Seara loves the elephant pictures! She ran up to the computer and squealed in delight, "Elephant!" And I answered intelligently, "Yeah, that's a real elephant, Seara." As opposed to all the other 'fake' elephants we've seen in photographs?? For some reason the fact that you saw these in real life and took the pictures yourself makes them more real than other photos of elephants we've seen. Is that crazy of me??

Mark and Aubrey said...

It is so amazing that you are experiencing all this first hand. I love these pictures,especially the elephants and lions. The snakes creep me out though.