Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Close Encounter

We had a close encounter of the elephant kind with this big guy. We came around a corner and this huge elephant was standing right on the side of the road. You would think that since elephants are so big it would be hard to miss one before you are right next to it, but believe it or not, such is not the case.
We stopped the car and watched him, amazed at how close he was. Our driver informed us that he was not very happy. I guess that elephants will continue eating and doing whatever it is that they are doing when they are happy, but if they're not happy, they'll stop and wait to see what you will do. This guy was just sitting there. He would take a few steps in our general direction, but not directly at the car, then stop and wait again. He started getting so close that we were all a little nervous. All of the sudden, in what seemed like slow motion, he turned his huge head and looked directly at us, and slowly took a step directly in our direction. Our driver immediately started the car and took off. Our hearts were pounding so hard! It was pretty exciting. Bart snapped this picture as he walked away.
And here are some more random animals we saw.

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the Ricks said...

That's so funny that wildebeests are stupid. It just fits, don't ya think? Okay, so during your elephant story my heart started pounding faster - and I know you made it back alive and well! Yikes!!