Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lucky With Leopards

After our unique encounter with the leopard we were all talking about how lucky we were to have seen such a rare scene, and on the second day too! Now there was no pressure for the rest of the trip to see a leopard.

About half an hour later, we came around a corner and our driver slammed on his breaks, pointed, and said, "Leopard!" Sure enough, right next to the road was another, even bigger leopard.

We stopped and watched it for a long time. We were so close we could hear it growling! It sounded a lot like a cat purring. (This picture is a yawn, not a growl).After a while he calmed down and pretty much ignored us. We drove a little closer and he decided he was tired of us, so he got up and walked away. We couldn't believe it, two leopards in one day!

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