Friday, July 25, 2008

Lake Naivasha

Our second night we stayed at the Elsamere Conservation Centre on Lake Naivasha. This sign greeted us as we walked into our room:

Apparently Hippos kill more people in Africa every year than any other animal. Who would have thought? They look so docile. But if you get between them and the water, you're in trouble! At night we had dinner in the main building. We stayed and talked with the other guests until after dark. When we finally went back to our rooms (after dark) they had men with flashlights and big sticks escort us.

We got to go on a boat ride to see all the hippos on the lake (they don't feel threatened in the water, so they're not dangerous...or so they told us).
Our boat driver brought a few fish with him. As we were riding, we saw an African Fish Eagle on top of a tree. He put the fish on a stick, held it high in the air, and whistled at the bird. When the bird saw the fish, he took it off the stick and threw it into the lake. The bird flew down and grabbed it. It was pretty cool.
After our boat ride we went on a nature walk and got to see tons of beautiful plants and birds.
At the end of the nature walk, we got to see some tortoises they were taking care of. Our favorite was the tiny baby tortoise.


Ashley said...

WOW.. that is really awesome. I actually watched a show a little while ago about the hippos.. it was really interesting and they said that exact same thing.. as you posted.. not being threatened in the water, but if they are on land trying to get back to the water and you just happen to be in the way.. WATCH OUT BECAUSE they WILL CHARGE....and how they attack the people in africa.. That is insane.!! So anyways sounds really fun. When did you get back? sounds like a really fun adventure you've had!!!! :)

the Ricks said...

Okay, the sign and the stick guys escorting you back - that is freaky!! Your trip is just so exciting to me - every day I get so excited just to check if you've posted anything new. The hippo picture is awesome - it looks like it should be in National Geographic. And way to follow the rule of thirds. :) Oh, and when Sam saw the pic of Bart and the frog, the first thing he said was, "He looks like he could be one of the tour guide guys." I couldn't agree more. Maybe its the Moab in him, but the hat really works for him and he just seems to blend into the environment!

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Way cool pictures you guys! I love the ones of the baby tortoises! Really cute! The hippos look scary a whole new meaning to the game "hungry, hungry hippos!"