Monday, February 23, 2009

Yard Work

Can I just say, there is something so unbelivably satisfying about yard work! I know I have said it before, but every time I work in our yard, I am just blown away with how wonderful it is.

Saturday was an AWESOME day! We woke up early, got an oil change in our car, went grocery shopping, got Addison a dress for Sam & Holly's wedding...which by the way is the cutest dress in the Bart a new book to start reading, and began organizing our pantry. ALL BEFORE 11:00 a.m.!!!

At that point I teased Bart about his excuses for not pruning our trees (something I'm not sure we've really done since we moved into this house). When it's cold outside, he doesn't want to because it's too cold (something I totally empathasize with), so today when I suggested it'd be a great day to prune (it had to be in the 50s) he said it was too warm and that he wasn't sure it was good for the trees to do it on such a warm day. I laughed and pointed out that if we didn't do it because it was too cold and we didn't do it because it was too warm, we'd never get it done. Well, he took the initiative, grabbed the pruning shears/saw, and headed outside. I worked in the pantry for a little while longer, went upstairs and put Addison down for a nap, grabbed the baby monitor and headed outside to help.

He cut the branches off the tree, and then I cut them into a more managable size, and moved them into a pile on the cement. We're going to save some for possible firewood when we go camping (something we always talk about but never actually seem to do) and throw the rest away as soon as the trash man comes (our trash is rather full at the moment....although today is trash day, so maybe it's not full at the moment.)

Addison kept talking to herself on the monitor, so we finally just went up and got her up. We knew she'd enjoy being outside, and would probably even help.

So Addison and I moved sticks to the piles and daddy cut the branches on the tree. It doesn't sound like much, but it took us a LONG time!

Atmitedly, we took several bubble breaks. While we were grocery shopping Bart saw this GIANT bubble...thing...I don't know what they're called...bubble maker...but it's not automatic, just the big stick with a hole in it and buble solution. Addison absolutely LOVES bubbles, so he couldn't resist buying it for her...especially since it was only $1! We had a lot of fun watching her run after the bubbles laughing. It was awesome.

We didn't cut too many branches off the apricot tree...we could see buds starting to form, so we thought it might be too late in the season to really prune it, so we just cut off a few branches that really needed to go. Next year we'll have to really prune it down.

We once again didn't touch the cherry tree because there were definately buds on it, so we were scared (and we have no idea how to prune a cherry tree...well, really any tree, but especially a cherry tree). Now that I think about it, it's kind of ironic because the Cherry tree has really never produced. Last year I think we got 7 or 8 cherries, but that's the most we've ever gotten. It's not like we might prune it wrogn and get less. And if we do, who cares! 7 or 8 cherries. Really, we might as well have none.

Bart just BUTCHERED our apple tree. In a good way. There were no buds on it, so no reservations. It had a ton of branches that had just shot straigth up and were rediculously high. Those are now gone. With the way the tree looks now, we should have no problem getting apples anywhere on it with our little ladder. Yay!

I guess we'll really see how good of a job we did when we see whether or not the trees actually produce this year. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

And by the end of the day, I had even finished organizing the pantry! What a wonderful day!

And I must say, for not knowing what the heck we were doing, our trees...especially the apple tree...look great!

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janae said...

I was the pruner at our house, and I just learned how to do it on line. I mean, I'm sure I did some things wrong, but any person with an artistic brain can surely figure out how to prune it so it looks good, right? :)