Sunday, February 15, 2009

I LOVE Valentine's day

I have always LOVED valentine's Day. What an awesome holiday! A holiday to celebrate love and all the people you love. So wonderful!

Admittedly, with Addison's sickness, it was a bit muted this year, but it was still wonderful.

On Friday Bart came home from school with a half a dozen deep red roses for me. SOOO sweet! That night we had Amy Babysit Addison (thanks Amy!) and Bart & I went to an Indian restaurant, and then to the mall. The original plan was to go throw pots at his school afterward, but we were both so stuffed we didn't really want to do anything that required effort...or clean up. ;o)

But man! It was so fun! We had masala at the restaurant, and it totally reminded both of us of Africa. We had so much fun just talking and being together.

Then Saturday I got up and made him breakfast in bed. He actually hates breakfast in bed, so I took it up to him to show him what it was and then told him he could come downstairs to eat it. I was pretty proud of myself. My mom used to make us red heart shaped pancakes every valentines day with red milk and red anything else that she happened to make. I always loved them, even though I'm not a big fan of pancakes. They were the best.

Unfortunately Bart doesn't really like pancakes either (with the exception of the Ihop carrot cake pancakes, but despite my best web surfing efforts, I couldn't find the recipe) so I had to improvise. I made him eggs in a basket (another one of his favorite breakfasts). It's basically fried toast with an hole cut in the middle where you cook an egg. But I made the hole a heart shaped hole. I was pretty proud of myself. Addison doesn't really like eggs in a basket, so I made her red heart shaped french toast. Te he he, it was way fun. I admit I didn't make the milk red. Although I love it, it grosses Bart out. Once our kids are older, I will make their milk red. :)

The rest of the day we mostly lounged around. We did take Addison to the doctor again, as I mentioned in my last post, but other than that we just had nice family time. It was wonderful.

I seriously love my husband so much! He's so much fun! I just love being around him. Every time I sit down next to him on the couch or snuggle next to him in bed, it's just so great. I feel so lucky to have him! He's just so wonderful! We have so much fun together. We get along so well. We laugh, we have fun, we love talking, it's just great. Like seriously. I just feel so lucky! He's just perfect for me! We have SUCH a great relationship! I am convinced that it is not normal. I really think that we have something so special. I know how disgustingly cheesy that sounds, but I really do. I'm just so grateful for him. Is or relationship perfect? No. We're both working on it constantly, and we both do stupid things from time to time, but it's still just so great! I love it! And I love him! And I love valentine's day!

Today some of Bart's family came over for Sunday dinner. In keeping with the red theme I made raspberry lemonade and a raspberry bunt cake. I let Bart pick the dinner and he chose pecan crusted chicken...something we hadn't had before, so it was fun to experiment. It ended up being pretty good. It has been fun visiting and just enjoying family! I love it! Life is wonderful!


janae said...

I gotta admit, you and Bart really do have an awesome marriage. You really are so perfect for each other! And we had pink milk on Valentines. I can't do red, but pink just feels like strawberry quik (which I should have bought but didn't), so I don't mind it. And the kids think that it's something special, even though it tastes like normal, which always cracks me up!

cee + kell said...

you guys are so cute. i love it. hope all is well. we miss you guys like crazy!

hugs all around!

Amy Collyer said...

I am glad that Valentine's day was so good for you!

Amy Collyer said...

I am glad that Valentine's day was so good for you!