Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daddy's favorite

So Addison LOVES to dance. Whenever there is music on, she is dancing. Lately, in the car, she's been demanding, "Turn the music on mom!" To which I generally oblige. A few weeks ago she requested I turn the music on. I did so and The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" was playing. Bart absolutely loves this song. He says it just makes him happy when he hears it. I share the sentiment, so I thought for sure Addison would love it. Nope. She said, "No mommy, I don't like this song."

Surprised, I said, "Okay." And moved to our next pre-set station which, much to Bart's dismay, is a country station. I can't remember the song that was playing, but Addison said, "Yeah mommy, this is a good one, it's Daddy's favorite!" I just burst out laughing. I knew Bart would be horrified! She went from one of his favorite songs to his least favorite genera, exclaiming, "It's daddy's favorite!" Maybe my husband is a closet country music fan...I doubt it. Te he he.


Ashley said...

That is soo funny!!! ;)

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

HaHa! That is really funny!! Growing up Bart used to give me and Geneava such a hard time whenever we listened to country music. I bet secretly he was enjoying listening to it too! =D

janae said...

First, I thought this post was hilarious, especially because I know how much Bart LOATHES country music. So funny! Second, I answered your prayer question in a comment on my blog (right under yours). Maybe I should have answered it here. Oops! :)