Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay, I just have to rave about my husband for a minute. I love him SOOOOOO much! I swear, he just makes me feel so BEAUTIFUL!!!

It doesn't matter if I'm 9 months pregnant with swollen feet, hands, and face, or if I'm in my first trimester when I'm green because EVERYTHING I think of makes me want to puke and I'm getting all that stupid fat around my stomach...which blows my mind because I KNOW the baby is like the size of like a grape AT THE MOST and I'm losing weight, so I don't know how I'm getting MORE fat on my stomach! AND my skin looks like a teenager because I brake out for my ENTIRE pregnancy!

Even with all of that, I will catch him just staring at me with this look on his face like he thinks I'm the most beautiful thing on Earth! I caught him the other day and called him on it. He laughed and said, "But you ARE beautiful!" And you know what, I think he believes it! Sometimes I think he thinks I'm even more beautiful when I'm pregnant than I am when I'm not, and much skinnier with clear skin, and enough energy to actually do my hair in the morning. Te he he. I love my husband!

Thanks Babe! For always thinking I'm beautiful. I love you!


Jones said...

awwwww. you picked a good one Rebecca! so sweet.

cee + kell said...

you guys are seriously way too cute. i love it!