Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pee too!

So Sunday night I was giving Addison a bath. I was getting ready to take her out and she stood up and said, "Mom! Popos!" I was like, "Ah Crap!" And yelled downstairs to Bart to bring the little potty upstairs to the bathroom I was giving her a bath in.

While he was getting it, I held her dripping, and shivering over the big toilet. When he brought it in, I set her down on her little potty. The poor thing was shivering a ton, so I tried to wrap towels around her without getting them in the danger zone.

She insisted I go out of the bathroom. I was very hesitant to do so, picturing a towel soaked with pee or smeared with poop, but she finally coaxed me out. Shortly after that she told me to come back in. She had peed in her potty (with no damage to the towel...thank goodness)! True, she didn't poop, but at least she's realizing when she needs to go.

After that I tried to get her to lay down to put her diaper on, but she wouldn't have it. She took the diaper from me, and, standing up, tried to put it between her legs and secure it around her waist...a very difficult task for a two year old. After a few frustrated attempts, she looked at me exasperated and said, "Mommy, I need pull ups!" It was so funny!

The next day we went and got her pull ups. She's very excited to use them...although that was the first, it was also the last time since then that she has initiated sitting on the potty. She has gone since then, but I have to coax her to sit on the potty. At day care there are several other kids that are being potty trained, so every two hours they have everyone go to the potty. She's pretty excited to be a big girl like her friends...if only I could get her to initiate it at home. Oh well, she will learn.

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