Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nightside Project Valentines Advice

So the other Day Bart & I were driving home, and we were listening to the Nightside project. They had an expert on, giving suggestions for guys for Valentine’s day.

She was saying how a lot of Guys know it's really important, so they want to do something great, and keep putting it off thinking the great idea will come to them, then suddenly they find themselves running to the store before they go home from work on Valentine’s day getting cheap flowers and chocolates, and when they get home their wife knows it was a last minute effort, and they get in trouble.

I started laughing at this, and Bart looked at me a very concerned look on his face and said, "Don't laugh, it's a real problem." Which just made me laugh more.

The girl then proceeded to give suggestions about what to give for Valentine’s day. She had some great ideas. I kept going, "Ah! That's AWESOME!" And Bart was like, "MAN! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW!?!" It was pretty dang funny.


the Ricks said...

Okay, I love the Nightside Project. Aren't they so great?! Very funny, and very down to earth/realistic. And it helps that they live here in Utah and know how to laugh at our foibles without being ridiculous. There are my two cents. Enjoy. :)

Bart's Rebecca said...

True that! We love them too!