Tuesday, February 05, 2008

He can spot little creatures on the side of the road a mile away

Okay, this sounds like a silly thing to love about my husband, but let me explain a little bit.

So after we got married, we drove from American Fork to Moab, and then Moab to California.

Bart was driving. All of the sudden, he yelled out, "Hey, There's a rabbit." I was looking all over and couldn't see it, so I said, "Where?" He pointed, "Right there." But as he said it, we drove past where he was pointing, so I didn't see it. I was skeptical that there ever was a rabbit.

A few minutes later he yelled, "There's a squirrel,"and pointed to a spot on the road in front of us. At first I saw nothing once again, and was somewhat concerned that I may have just married a pathological liar, but then as we got closer, sure enough, a little squirrel was sitting on the side of the road! I have no idea how he saw it. He was driving! I was concentrating completely on finding it, and I couldn't see it!

Since then we have been on many road trips and he has spotted everything from a heard of deer on the mountain next to us to a lizzard. It seriously just amazes me. It's like he was born to spot animals while driving. It's crazy. And every time he points out another creature, it just makes me laugh.

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