Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miserable Week

Okay, so since I have been writing all the things I love about Bart I haven't been giving the regular update. In all honesty it was probably a good thing. It has been a pretty rough month. It started with Addison not sleeping (which has continued throughout the month until last night when she finally slept from 7:30 to 6:00!!!).

During the days, she was extremely fussy at first, but then she started being extremely lethargic and throwing up. We finally went to the doctor's the Thursday before Valentine's day and found out she had an ear infection. Friday she threw up her medicine (or spit it out after we gave it to her). I finally was able to get her to drink it in her bottle on Saturday. Then on Valentine's day she woke up with "Valentine's Spots" (as Bart put it) all over her body. After a quick visit to the Doctor's we found out she was allergic to penicillin.

The doctor said she still had a little bit of fluid in her ears, but the infection was gone. We had to give her Benadryl every four to six hours for the next few days (which she still refused to eat unless I tricked her by putting it in a bottle.) We had just gotten her off the bottle...well, off is relative. We refused to give her her bottles, but she kept asking for them. I think this whole "not taking her medicine unless it was in a bottle" was just a ruse to get us to keep giving her a bottle.

She still wasn't sleeping, and I didn't want to wait until she was throwing up again to go to the doctor's, so we spent President's Day at the Doctor's office to find out that once again she had an ear infection. It was only a little one so she gave us a prescription and told us not to fill it for a few days, and then if the symptoms were getting worse to fill it. When she told us that I wanted to scream! I just wanted to give it to her now so that she would actually sleep and I could stop being so tired!!! Fortunately Bart talked me into waiting, and it appears that she's gotten better on her own.

All this month I have also been working a lot of extra hours from home...which is absolutely exhausting. The few days that Addison takes an afternoon nap I have to work during it, and the days she doesn't, I am working with her either on my lap, or for the brief amount of time that I can get her to play alone with her toys.

To make things worse, I have been battling a cold that just drains all of my energy and refuses to go away.

On top of that, last week the travel agent informed us that our Safari was canceled because of all the violence in Kenya. She sent us some other ones, but they were either too expensive or at times that we couldn't go. I emailed my work to see if we could go somewhere else or get the money, and they said No. GRRRRR!!!!! Things just SUCK right now!!!

Fortunately this too shall pass. And among the misery, there was a few good days this month. Valentine's day was wonderful. Bart got me a boquet of beautiful tulips and irises. (I wanted to get a picture to post, but I couldn't find my camera, and was too exhausted to look for it). We had a wonderful dinner that night as well. Then Saturday, Amy babysat for us and we went to the Bombay House and then saw Juno...which is the best movie I have seen in a VERY long time. That was a lot of fun.

And the best thing of all, Addison has started giving these BIG hugs. She'll just randomly walk up to me and throw her arms around my neck and just squeeze!!! It just melts my heart! I love it!

She's also learning more and more every day. She now points to her nose, ear, eye, tongue, and belly button on demand...she's still figuring out teeth. She already new how to say nose, but last night as I was putting her down for bed, she pointed at her ear and said, "eee." Then at her eye and said, "Ah." I said that's right, "Ear...Eye." "Eeee...Ahhh." It was so cute!

And she has learned a new sign for sleep. Whenever we say, "Addison, do you want to go to sleep?" She tilts her head, put's her hand on her cheek and snores. It's so freaking funny! I love my little girl.


the Ricks said...

First, so sorry about Addison!! Second, I cannot believe they canceled your safari and that you can't make other arrangements. You've waited long enough, don't you think?! Lame. Poor you guys!

Jonathan and Tabitha said...

I'm so sorry! I hate having sick kids and then the stupid stuff with the safari- that sucks guys! Let us know if we can do anything for you.