Sunday, February 10, 2008

He Loves Art, and He Likes to be Informed

Okay, so it's really hard to blog every single day!!! Especially when it's not a set part of your routine. So here are two more things since I forgot yesterday.

He Loves Art -
He loves making it, he loves looking at it, he loves looking and learning about how it's made, and I love him for it! I like making art too, and I love that he encourages me even though I suck. :o) I love going to museums with him too. Some of my favorite family home evenings we have spent going through the Springville or BYU Museums of Art.

He likes to be informed -
Almost every day he comes home and wants to talk about something going on in the news. He likes to play devil's advocate too. If there's some issue everyone seems to be against, when we talk about it he'll often state the arguments for it even if he himself is also against it. I appreciate it because he helps me to keep a balanced perspective on things.

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