Thursday, February 07, 2008

He Loves to Read and He Values Education

Okay, so I know I forgot to write yesterday, but that's because when Addison was awake she was throwing up on me, and when she was asleep I was frantically trying to work from home. So today I'll do two.

First of all, he loves to read. This alone is a good quality, but to make things even better, he loves to read to me. I love discussing books we've both read, or are reading together. We both would eventually like to have a huge library just full of books in our home. It'd be awesome if we could actually do it! :o)

Next, he values education. And along with this, he values me having an education too. He was very supportive of me getting my graduate degree, which was something I REALLY needed because I don't know if I could have got through the program without him. I love how he wants to go back to get his graduate degree, and maybe one day even his doctorate. When he was still in school I loved how he'd come home and just want to talk to me for hours about something they learned. It was awesome!

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