Friday, February 08, 2008

He Loves the Great Outdoors

I love that he loves to hike and fish and just be up in the mountains in general. I love hiking with him in Moab, and wherever else we find ourselves. The only thing you have to remember when hiking with Bart is not to expect to follow a trail.

The first time we went hiking, I insisted we stay on the trail, much to Bart's chagrin. After that I just sort of gave up. I did tend to walk on the trail…for the most part…but he would go and explore a hill or the bushes or something.

This past year we went on a hike with some of Bart’s brothers and our sister in law. I could see this beautiful trail winding up the mountain that just looked like it would be so much fun to go on, but nope. All three of the boys headed straight up a hill with no path. You’d think they were related or something.

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