Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Go Dodgers!

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As I've mentioned before, when I was a kid my dad took us to Dodger games all the time.  Now, if there's a game when we're down visiting (and in the summer more often than not there is) he takes my kids.  Looking through these pictures made me feel so nostalgic!  They may be pictures of my kids, but I swear, 20 years ago, we could have taken some very similar pictures with me and my siblings.  :)

The night that we had tickets was bobble head night...and we actually got there on time, so now we have four Tommy Lasorda bobble heads.  On a semi-related note, when I was in Junior High, Tommy Lasorda brought the Dodgers to our school.  One of our friends even got Mike Piazza to kiss her on the cheek.  Coolest thing EVER!  :)

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I wish I could say that in that picture Addison is really excited about the game.  But no.  She was excited because a beach ball was coming toward us.

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I don't really have the right to give her a hard time though because, as a kid, I remember paying more attention to the beach balls and where the wave was  than to the game.  And yes, they still do the wave...this may still be my favorite part of any sporting event.  ;)

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We always got Dodger Dogs for dinner when we went to the games, but those didn't fly so well with Addison and Hannah, so they got these GIANT pizzas instead.

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There are a lot of new concessions though.

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 Dippin dots???  Really?  It's like an amusement park.
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When we went as kids, there were only nuts and that ice cream that comes in a cup with a wooden spoon that would give your tongue splinters if you weren't careful.

The nuts guy was my favorite though.  He would yell, "Nuts! Nuts!" and if you wanted some, you'd raise your hand and he'd throw the nuts to you (no matter how far away you were) and get them to you EVERY TIME!  It was pretty impressive!  My dad told me he's still there working in the section we used to sit in.  I seriously considered heading up there just to see him do it again!

My mom got on TV when she and her friend wore these Dodger snuggies a few games ago, so my girls were obsessed at figuring out where the cameras were and trying to get up on the big screen. 

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It didn't work out so well for them.  Maybe next time.

They did enjoy singing, "Take me out to the Ball Game" in the middle of the 7th inning though.
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Hannah didn't do much singing...It's a lot harder to sing when you can't read the words on the screen.  I am going to have to teach her the words before we go next year.
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Confession: for a long time (much longer than I'm willing to admit) I thought the actual words were "Root Root Root for the Dodgers," and I remember feeling sorry for the fans of other teams because the song was made for the Dodgers.  :)

And at that point the children were really wanting to go home, so our game ended there.  But the Dodgers ended up winning, so it was a good night!   :)

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