Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School (For Addison)

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So our elementary school started today.  (For everyone but the Kindergartners, so Hannah starts next week).  That means it was Addison's first day of Second grade.

Her sisters will miss her a lot.
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We got there early so that we could take a picture with her teacher and at her desk.

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We dropped off her backpack and lunch and headed back out to the front hall where all the kids were congregating, waiting for the bell to ring.  The administration had set up a photo booth where you could dress up and take pictures, so we had some fun with that.

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It was raining, so they laid out the red carpet inside instead of outside like last year.

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And just like last year, teachers lined up along the red carpet and welcomed the kids back.  It was pretty chaotic because it was inside, but the kids were all pretty excited.

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And when she came home, she was just as excited about school as when she left.  That's always a good sign.  :)

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