Saturday, August 09, 2014

California Vacation (Sans Dad).

In June Bart took a group of kids/young adults to France and Spain on a study abroad.  Since I couldn't go, I decided to take the kids down to California while he was gone. 

I wasn't brave enough to make the whole 10 hour drive alone with four kids in 1 day, so we stayed at a hotel in Mesquite. 

The kids thought it was the coolest thing EVER!  (You'd think they had never been in a hotel room before)!  I guess there was just something special about it being just us girls.  :)

_MG_1778 copy

_MG_1756 copy

The day before I had taught the Activity Days girls some origami.  Since the activity had been at our house, Addison attended even though she's not eight yet.  So she was SUPER into origami for most of our trip.  :)

Untitled-1 copy

The rest of the kids were just super into drawing.  :)

_MG_1806 copy

_MG_1808 copy

 After we went out for some dinner at Subway, I let the girls watch the Disney Channel for a little bit before bed time.

_MG_1832 copy

Splitting the drive into two days actually made it a very pleasant trip.  I think I might try and talk Bart into doing it the next time we go down.  :)

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