Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fishing at Lake Oowah

After the hike the kids all went down for naps, and when they woke up we headed out to the La Sal mountains to go fishing in Lake Oowah.

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We didn't have any Dramamine and it was a pretty windy road, so we were very worried the kids would get carsick.  We didn't let them watch a movie, and told them to look out the windows for animals.  Fortunately for them (and us) there were lots of cows on the side of the road.  Every time we turned a corner and saw another group of cows, the kids would yell, "Cow!"  It worked!  Nobody got carsick!

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The kids were sooooooo excited to go fishing.  All the adults were laughing a little bit inside.  I doubt that when kids think of fishing they think of just sitting around for hours waiting for something to tug on your hook.  We all wondered how well they would do.

But we got to the lake, pulled out the chairs, and all settled in.

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Maya felt very little need to even lift her fishing pole.  Bart and I had to keep reminding her not to let the pole touch the water.

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Lilly followed suit.

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Addison commandeered a chair for herself.

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But I'm not sure that anyone was more excited to fish than this guy.

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He was seriously looking forward to it so much.  He kept telling me how excited he was to take the kids fishing, it was adorable!  I love that man!

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And his eagerness paid off.  He was the first to catch a fish.  True it (and all the other fish that were caught) was tiny, but it was a fish none the less. 

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That made the twins perk up a bit.

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Not too long after, Charles and Andy caught a fish.

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At that point Lilly claimed a red chair for herself.  As she settled in and started playing with the reel, she let out a content sigh and said, "I love fishing so much."

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Then, approximately 10 seconds (like seriously, I don't even think it was 20 seconds) after she said that, she hopped up out of her chair and cheerfully said, "I'm done."  Crazy kid.

Maya was done as well, and went to join her.

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Poor Addison wanted to catch a fish so badly.  She moved to Lilly's chair which was closer to where Bart had caught his fish.  I think she would have stayed there all night if we had let her.  But I could tell the twins and Hannah were ready to be done, so I told her we wouldn't be staying much longer and that sometimes when you go fishing, you just don't catch fish, and that's okay.  It's the experience that's the fun part.  (I don't think my argument was very convincing).

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But, on our way to the car, the girls caught a butterfly with a hurt wing.  So that kind of made up for not catching a fish.

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Next time, though, I think we'll take two cars and let Addison and Bart stay and fish to their heart's content. 

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