Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They're Adjusting

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten, but it also happened to be an open house for the twins' preschool.  So after we dropped Hannah off, we headed over to meet their teachers and see their classroom.  We also had a few other errands to run, so the twins didn't have much time playing on their own before it was time to pick up Hannah again. 

Today was much more of a normal day.  We came home, cleaned a little bit, and then they were complaining that they were bored (and hungry).  They helped me make some oatmeal cookies for a special treat when everyone got home from school.  That distracted them for approximately two seconds, and then Maya said, "I'm bored mom!"  I told her to go and play something.  She told me, "I don't like playing anything.  I only like to watch T.V."  Lovely.

Apparently Hannah was the initiator of all things play-related in their little trio.  I told Maya that her not liking to play anything and only wanting to watch T.V. just told me that I shouldn't let them watch T.V. any more.  She wasn't particularly happy about that, but then Lilly reminded her that we had twister, and that ended the complaining for the day (well...the morning at least). ;)

Now they've been playing puzzles for almost an hour, and it's about time to pick up Hannah again.


Not having Hannah home is an adjustment, but I think they're going to do just fine.  :)

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janae said...

Funny, that is EXACTLY what happened with my boys when Seara started Kindergarten!