Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten (For Hannah)


Today my little banana started kindergarten.  A lot like last year with Addison, it started off as a kind of rough morning!  Addison is on our district's "Early Bird" schedule, which means she goes to school over an hour before the morning kindergarten starts.  Hannah was not happy about that, so she was kind of moping when we went out to take these pictures.

Fortunately I'm an incredibly funny person...yes that was sarcasm...and after a few jokes, I got them all smiling. ;)

xHannah and Girls

Addison is so sweet.  She has been SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for Hannah to start kindergarten.  She picked the shirt she was wearing specifically so that she'd match Hannah on her first day.  After I took pictures of all the girls together, Addison timidly asked if I could take a picture of just Hannah and her.  I was happy to agree to the request.  :)

Addison & Hannah

xHannah First Day

My alarm to take Addison to school went off so we dropped her off, and when we got home, the groaning about it not being time to go to kindergarten resumed.  So I decided we would walk....very slowly.  I posted a few pictures on Instragram, but I didn't get my big camera out for the actual walk. 

When we finally made it to school, we were still SUPER early, so I convinced Hannah that we needed some pictures in front of the school.


(She wasn't especially happy about it.)


Then Maya asked if she could get a picture with just her and Hannah (they were super cute holding hands for a lot of the walk to school).


We wasted a little more time at the photo booth.

xHannah Photo Booth

And in the hall outside her classroom.

xHannah Outsider her door



And finally I decided it was close enough to start time that we could go and bother her teacher (Miss Williams) for a picture.


She had a couple more things to do so she sent us to the play yard where they had cookies for all the new kindergartners (and tissues for the weepy moms), so Hannah played out there for a little bit. 


And finally, it was time for class to start.  Her teacher showed her where to put her backpack and folder.


Then she found her name tag.


And settled right in at a table.


And from that point on I think she was just wondering why the heck I was still there.



And, after telling her I was leaving only to return and take more pictures about seven times, I FINALLY left the room, and snapped this shot on my way out.


I think she's not going to have any problem adjusting to kindergarten.

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janae said...

So school starts amd ends at two different times for your two girls?! How awful, I would hate that! Hopefully it's not too bad for you!