Friday, May 22, 2009

Still Here

So during one of my many escapades up and down the stairs last night I heard my left knee pop and thought, "Hm, that can't be good." It hurt a little, but I wiggled it around and it felt fine. Then today, coming up the stairs to work, I was so tired (more about that in a min) I didn't lift my foot up high enough to reach one of the steps, so I slipped, and scraped my toe, ankle, and the same knee that popped yesterday. Ouch! Stairs and I are no longer friends.

So I was so tired because, first of all we, got to bed later than normal (which is starting to be normal lately). And nextly because I was having tons of contractions between midnight and 2:00. They were pretty painful, but not enough for me to shake my husband uncontrollably from his slumber and demand he take me to the hospital that second. They also weren't regular at all. Some were 15 min apart, some were 5, and others seemed like there wasn't any down time between them (so it's a good thing they weren't that painful.) But alas, it was yet another false alarm. Sigh. I am going to be pregnant forever.

P.S. This post was for you Jessica. Yes, I'm still here. :)

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Jones said...

THANKS! :) and if you are pregnant forever just take consolation in the fact that you are the cutest pregnant forever woman! ;)