Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Bathroom & Bedroom Remodel

So I'm not sure why, but for some reason posting about this remodel has been like pulling teeth for me. Maybe it's because I now prefer spending time in my new rooms instead of posting about them. Maybe it's because I really don't think I can do it justice in a post. Whatever the reason, please just come over and look at my house so you can see how truly wonderful it is. ;o) Needless to say, I am rather pleased with the result.

Here are some before pictures of the master bath & closet. It was so small it was very difficult to take pictures of. Basically it was two small rooms. You would walk through this tiny square closet into the tiny square bathroom. (These pictures were taken as I was packing up the bathroom and closet, so there's some stuff out and about).

This is the vanity to the right of the toilet in the picture above. (To the left of the toilet was the bath). This was where Bart & I got ready in the mornings. It was rather difficult because two people couldn't really fit in the bathroom without running into each other.Here is a picture of one side of our closet. This wall you're seeing got knocked down making our bathroom twice as big!And the final result. This pictures is pretty much taken from the same angle as the one above. Quite the transformation huh!?! My mom got us some nice brown towels to match the shower curtain. I kept telling myself I'd take a picture with them them and post that one, but it's not happening and I want to get this post up before the baby comes!We left the wall that was next to the bath and closed off the space to make a little closet in the bathroom. We have a bank of drawers in the middle where we keep our socks and unmentionables, two laundry baskets on either side, and a bunch of shelves above it where we keep some of our folded clothes, extra bathroom stuff and fresh towels. It's SOOOOOOOO nice! We can get up in the morning and basically get completely dressed without leaving the bathroom!I LOVE our new bathroom!
I don't really have any before pictures of our Bedroom because we weren't planning on changing it that much, but thanks to our awesome contractor, we were able to paint, install crown molding, and install new carpet and baseboards. It looks SOOOOOO amazing! WAY better than before. The one thing we were planning on doing was closing off a part of the room to make a closet. It was basically an alcove where we had our dressers anyway, so we made that little space into a BIG closet with these beautiful mirror doors. The mirrors make the small room look SOOOOOOOOO much bigger! We love it!
This is what the closet looks like...well, my side of the closet anyway (before we got the new carpet). Even though it's not necessarily an official "walk in" anymore, there's more room than our last closet, and you can easily walk into it, close the door behind you, and then turn around and ponder what to wear. :o) Addison LOVES hiding in it. It's AWESOME!

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janae said...

Oh, WOW. It looks AMAZING. I can't wait to see it in real life. ;)