Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

So this mother's day was wonderful. Addison's first gift to me was sleeping in until 9:00! That is SERIOUSLY unheard of! If I wake up at 7:45 to her yelling, "Mom, I want to get up." I consider that sleeping in! So this was awesome! Even though if she had gotten up Bart would have gotten her.

Hannah's gift to me (Did I mention that we finally decided to name the baby Hannah?) was not coming today. I did NOT want to be in labor on mother's day! Although now, feeling my swollen feet, sore back, and aching body, I'm deciding whether or not that was really a gift after all. :o)

All week when people asked me, "What are you doing for mother's day?" I said, "Absolutely NOTHING! I am not cooking, I am not cleaning, I am not changing poopy diapers. I'm doing NOTHING!" And Bart did a GREAT job at giving me this gift! Thank you babe! It was a wonderful day.

Bart cleaned up the kitchen this morning (we had friends over last night and were too tired to clean before we went to bed), made me breakfast, made me dinner, took care of Addison, and let me take a long nap, and cleaned the kitchen again so that tomorrow I can start the week fresh with a clean kitchen. It was WONDERFUL. It was an AMAZING mother's day of doing absolutely nothing!

The one thing I did have to do was talk in church. On mothers day! And I am 8 and a half months pregnant! AND he called and asked us YESTERDAY!!! But it ended up being a blessing. I really enjoyed preparing the talk, so it was nice.

Addison was so cute. When she did finally wake up, Bart brought her to me and she said, "Happy Mother's day mom." And gave me a hug and kiss. Then he took her downstairs to feed her while I got ready for the day. When I came downstairs, she smiled and me and said, "Happy....Day mom." She couldn't remember the "Mother's." It was pretty cute.

She also started writing letters for the first time today! At age two!!! Bart was in with her while she was coloring at her drawing table and she was talking about A, so Bart drew an A on the paper, and she drew an A right next to it! Then he continued by writing the rest of the letters of her name to see if she could copy them. This is the result:

You can easily see the A and the D. The next D is a little harder, and the four letters at the bottom, from top right going clockwise are I, S, O, and N. We're going to have to work on those ones, but I was dang impressed!

She has also started drawing mandalas (I think that's how they're spelled). They are basically circles with legs coming out of them. Apparently this is one of the steps kids go through as they develop their drawing abilities. You can see several on this page. The two lighter ones are actually on the back of the's cheap paper and the scanner picked up the images on the other side.

I'm so proud of my baby! I'm so glad I'm a mom! And I'm so grateful for the mothers in my life! I love them all so much!


janae said...

Dude. Hannah is a top two girls name for us. *Love* that name. Good choice! ;)

The Foulgers said...

I don't know how I missed out on so many of your posts!
Your remodel looks amazing! I'll have to stop in and see it one of these days to get the full effect.
I'm happy you had a great Mother's day. I just wish I would have been at church to hear you speak. I'm sure you did a fantastic job, even short notice!:)

Mom said...

Those are Amazing letters for a two year old, alway knew she was on smart little girl!! In a little bit you will have two smart little girls!! Love ya, mom