Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Girl Bed and Whale Pants

So we finally did it. We finally took the plunge and bought Addison a "Big Girl Bed." We have been debating for a long time whether to buy her a toddler bed or just put her in the bunk beds. We decided on the toddler bed for three reasons:

1) She had never shown any interest in sleeping in the bunk beds
2) The bunk beds are really tall, so she wouldn't be able to get into them on her own
3) Whenever she saw toddler beds she'd try and climb into them and lay down.
4) We have lots of visitors, so it will be nice to have a room they can still sleep in.*

*Note, it's okay that I gave you four reasons when I said we had three reasons because I'm pregnant. We pregnant ladies are allowed to do things like that. Or anything else we feel like for this last week before our due dates when we have been wanting the baby to come for the past two weeks!!!

We set it up, and it has been in her room for the past two days. Here is how the transition has gone so far:

Day 1
Nap - Absolutely no problem, in fact, she didn't want to take a nap until she saw her toddler bed
Night - She was happy to go to bed in her big girl bed, but woke up about 3:00 a.m. and asked to be moved to her other bed (the crib is still in there because we plan on having her and Hannah in the same room).

Day 2
Nap - She didn't want to take a nap again, but she was more than willing to sit in her bed and read. She did call for me a lot (for things like new books or more water), but finally went down.
Night - Once again she was happy to go down in her big girl bed, but woke up at about 3:00 a.m. and asked to be moved to the crib. Then she woke up again sometime after that (Bart went in this time) and asked to be moved back to her big girl bed....I hope this doesn't become a game.

Also, I wanted to share a conversation we had yesterday as I was putting her down for her nap. My mom had bought her some new pajamas that had whales on them. When she saw them she wanted to wear them for her nap so I let her put them on. The following conversation ensued:

Addison: Look mom, I'm wearing my whale shirt.
Me: Yes you are
Addison: And my whale pants.
Me: Yep
Addison: Mom, where are your whale pants?
Me: Sweetheart, at this point I feel like ALL my pants are whale pants.

Okay Baby Hannah, I'm REALLY ready for you to come!

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The Foulgers said...

It sounds like Addison is preparing you for Hannah's arrival. Soon you'll be up several times a night and once or twice will sound delightful!:)
I can't for Hannah to get here, keep us posted.