Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dropping My Baby Off

So every day I drop Addison off at day care. She is always so excited to go, it really is one of the highlights of my day seeing her so excited, especially to see her friend Abby. I'll put her down, she'll make sure she gives me a hug and a kiss goodbye, then she and Abby excitedly run off into the other room to play.

Lately, as I carry her from the car at the curb to the door of the house (they have a big yard, so it's a longer walk than you would normally associate with getting to a person's door), she has been laying her head on my shoulder, her arms around my neck, and snuggling, just as happy and content as can be. She also often says, "I love you mom." When we walk in the door, it's the same routine...being excited to see Abby, giving me hugs and kisses, and running into the other room to play.

It sounds so overly sentimental and cliche, but I seriously just treasure this little walk from the car to the house. As I've gotten bigger and bigger it's getting harder and harder to pick her up. The last few weeks I've given her the choice of walking to the house holding my hand or having me pick her up, always secretly hoping she'll want me to pick her up so we can snuggle. So far I haven't been disappointed. I love dropping my baby off.


janae said...

She is so precious! I love when kids get all sentimental. Melts your heart!

shay said...

Sweet moments....it's so nice you're writing it all down to remember in 10 years when there are less precious moments!!! I'm excited to hear the news when the baby makes the big debut! Is your mom coming up to help for a bit?

Dave's Loni said...

I just saw your new kitchen! WOW! It is really beautiful. I love the back splash, the cabinets, and the floor. I love it all!! How nice for you guys!