Saturday, September 06, 2008


So yesterday we gave Addison olives for the first time. As soon as we gave them to her, it wasn't 10 seconds before she was squealing with delight. We looked at her to see why. This is what we saw:I now believe that putting olives on your fingers is not a learned behavior. I believe it is something that is hard wired into human nature.


Dave and Loni said...

Olives, oh what fun! And I have to agree with you, it is human nature to stick those puppies on your fingers! Cute pictures of Addison!

Ashley said...

how funny!! I just have to say I'm so jealous!! Lizzy doesn't have that much hair YET!! but she's getting there!! :) well kind of!!

janae said...

Sam never put olives on his fingers as a kid and I always thought that was so weird. Now I know I was right to think it! Its not just me - it really is human nature!