Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Baby is Two!!!

I can't believe that Addison is already two! Time SERIOUSLY goes by SO fast!

We started the day off by running in the Spanish Fork 5k. Jacob & I both ran. He won first place in his age division. I didn't do as well. ;o)

Addison loved playing at the park where we ended. Jacob was great and helped her climb up the jungle gym and slide down the slide, and pushed her on the swings. She loved it.
When we came home, Addison took a nap. Bart got Addison a little drawing table for her birthday. We set it up while she was sleeping and then showed it to her when she woke up. She was so excited. She walked right to it and started coloring. I think dad may have won best present again this year!
I made Addison this adorable birthday cake. I'm so proud of it. It's my first fondant cake. I think it turned out very well. :o)

It also came apart very well.

Addison loved all her presents and having all her family over. Thanks everyone! We love you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it was cool seeing you guys after the races today. Addison is so cute! I love those pictures of her in the swing. They are classic! The cake is super cute too. What a talented family you have. Happy Birthday Addison!

Ashley said...

Aww fun, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDY!! :) LOVE YA!! She is so cute! and again i'm jealous of how much hair she has!! ;)

The Jones Family said...

your cake turned out AMAZING! I've always wanted to try fondant, but am too scared, don't know why

happy birthday Addison!!

shay said...

You're kind of a pro at first try...I haven't ever been able to get fondant to work like that....Martha!~ Happy bday to Addison!

janae said...

That is exactly the kind of cake I was talking about when I made my powdered sugar butterfly brownies for Seara. My word - its amazing!!

Jonathan and Tabitha said...

Awesome job on that cake- you'll have to show me how to use fondant sometime.

Happy Birthday to Addison!

Dave and Loni said...

Man, you guys ran too?! That's awesome! I love the birthday cake, you may have to teach everyone how you do that! So cute! Happy Birthday to Addison!

cee + kell said...

Happy (belated) birthday sweet one! Sending you love from the great Northwest!

Nice work on the cake, mama...You're a pro!

Miss and love you guys,
c + k

The Little Fishers said...

You certainly are a talented fondant cake maker. Congrats to you, afterall, you are a two year old mother and Happy Birthday to your little girl!

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Addison must be getting old because her cousin, baby girl, is turning 1 next week!! Where does the time go?!

Love the picture of Addison! Her face is classic! They made me and Chris both laugh!! Wish we could have been there. Happy Birthday Addison! Loveya, Aunt Becca & Uncle Chris!

Christa Jeanne said...

That cake is amazing, Rebecca - and so is your little girl! She's DARLING!!! :)