Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Loved one Lost!

So three months exactly after Bart's Dad passed away from a blood clot, a very dear family friend of ours, Doug Renn, passed away from a blood clot after shoulder surgery.

When my mom told me this morning, I was literally speechless! I couldn't believe it. I am soooo sad. I love Doug so much! He is the sweetest man!

When I had been at college a few months, I remember I was in my room and my roommates yelled from the kitchen that I had a phone call. When I got on the phone it was Doug! He said that he had just been thinking of me and called to see how college was. I talked to him for a little bit and told him about classes and roommates and boys. When I hung up I remember I was just so happy. It seriously just made my day that not only was he thinking about me, but that he would call and see how I was doing. It was so sweet!

Another time, after I was married, we were at our house for Christmas. We went over to see his house which always has the most incredible Christmas decorations (like we're talking a running train and Ferris wheel among other things). He always sat in his winter wonder land dressed as Santa several times during the Holiday season and had the neighborhood children come and sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. (When I was young, some friends and I went and sang Santa Baby to him...te he he). Well, this year, when we got there, I jumped out of the car and gave him a hug. He looked at me suspiciously and asked, "Are you pregnant yet?" I laughed and told him no, but that when I was I'd let him know. Then, a week later, much to my surprise, I found out I WAS pregnant! It must have been a 6th sense.

Our trips home will feel incomplete now that he will isn't there to visit. Our prayers are with his family and loved ones. We know that this life isn't the end, but we'll sure miss him while we're still here.


Christa Jeanne said...

I heard this morning - such a shock! I hope Judy's doing okay. I was just thinking about them this weekend. Doug just radiated the light of Christ. He was such an example of genuine love and concern for everyone - and he gave the best bear hugs ever! I'll miss that - and I'll miss his smile and his love for life and the gospel. What a huge, huge loss. :(

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Sorry to hear about that. Our prayers are with you and your family!

janae said...

I'm so sorry! Its always so surreal when you lose friends! :(

The Little Fishers said...

Okay, so I didn't know him VERY well, but when our car was stolen on our way to California, he and Judy heard what happened and they brought stuff for us to use ... I always thought that gesture was so kind, especially since he didn't really know us ... I liked reading your tribute. ~ Amor