Thursday, April 01, 2010

Where's Hannah?

So every morning when I get the girls up I get Hannah dressed, and then set her on the ground to crawl around while I help Addison get dressed...which basically just means I tie her shoes. She can do the rest. I close the door to their room so that Hannah can't get out and just let her play.

Well, today Addison was sitting on the rocker, and I was helping her with her shoes. I took a little longer than normal, talking with her and tickling her and having some good mommy Addison time. When I had tied both shoes I stood up and turned around to see what Hannah was doing. But Hannah was GONE. For those of you who have been in my house, you know that the girls' bedroom is NOT big.

I turned around to see if somehow she had crawled over by Addison's bed without my noticing it. Nope, she wasn't there either. My thought process was something like this:

Maybe she's in the closet.
I open the closet, nope, no Hannah.
That was stupid, she can't open doors....oh no, what if someone silently opened the door and took her and then silently closed it again right behind my back!*

Then, as I stood there in silence, panic nearly consuming me, I heard Hannah breathing.


But where the heck is she?

I look around my feet. No baby. I look back to where Addison's bed is. No baby. I walk toward Addison's bed to see if maybe she somehow got behind the rocker (this is impossible by the way. The space between the bed and the rocker, and the shelf and the rocker is not big enough for her to get her head through, let alone her body). Sure enough, No baby.

I turn around and see this:

In my defense, where I was originally standing, I could not see under the crib. In addition, Hannah couldn't crawl under the crib from the front (a you can see), and the least I thought...was blocked by the laundry basket.

I do realize that to many the thought, "Check under the crib" would probably come before the the thought, "A silent stranger slipped into the room behind me and kidnapped my baby in the brief amount of time that I was tying my daughter's shoes." But if that thought came first, I wouldn't be paranoid little 'ole me now would I?

Silly girl, you nearly gave mama a heart attack.

*Upon later reflection I realized that if a stranger had slipped in the door behind me Addison, who was facing the door, most likely would have noticed and mentioned that someone was taking her younger sister away.


j@nAe said...

Okay, THAT was super funny. The girl's already play april fool's jokes on her mama! :)

Jenna and Daniel said...

That is so funny! Thanks for the laugh, and for letting me know I am not the only paranoid momma that thinks about strangers. Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh...even though it was mostly at myself!

Lori said...

She sure looks happy under that crib! you babies first game of "hide and seek"

JaNae said...

A smiliar thing happened when my daughter moved to her toddler bed. I awoke to muffled cries and when I went into her room she was nowhere to be found. It turned out that during the night she had rolled off the bed and then under it. She woke up terrified since she didn't know where she was.