Friday, April 02, 2010

Addison is Praying by Herself!!!

So it's been a very long & exhausting day that has only been exacerbated by Bart still not being home because he has class tonight. As a result (much to my chagrin) I forgot to say prayers with Addison before she went to bed.

The reason I even remembered that I forgot to say prayers with her is because I just heard her over the monitor saying prayers. She thanked Heavenly Father for her day and her family, and asked him to help her not have any bad dreams.

My baby has learned that she can pray all by herself!
YAY!!! To bad it was on a day that I didn't pray with her before bed that I came to this realization. Or maybe that's a good thing. Even if mommy forgets, she will still remember. Now I just need to work on mommy not forgetting anymore. :o)

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j@nAe said...

I'm impressed that she remembered by herself! That is amazing. Honestly. Amazing.