Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Conversation

So this morning Addison says to me, "Mom, I want another baby sister."

Mom: Oh really? How come?

Addison: (looking at Hannah) I just really like them.

Mom: Well what about a baby brother? Don't you want a baby brother?

Addison: No, I want a baby sister.

Mom: Why don't you want a baby brother?

Addison: I just don't like them. Except for daddies.

I'm still not sure what to think about this conversation.

And just to keep any rumors from flying around, I am not even thinking about getting pregnant at the moment. I really have no idea where this topic came from.


Jones said...

in Church a month ago, Madeline drew a picture of a woman. who was pregnant. and just happened to be named Jessica. She wants another baby sister too...

...and she'll get one (or brother) just as soon as ROCKY tells me HE wants another baby...

Jones said...

by the way, do ya think you might be in Cali around May 22 for Olivia's wedding?